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2008. >> he's obviously very skilled. he is sick and deranged, as we can see by the cold-blooded nature of these killings. and we're not going to tip our hand off. we're going to find him. make no mistake about that. but at this point we don't want to let him know what we know. >> reporter: dorner's police and military training have police on high alert and taking no chances, but the mayor of los angeles says detectives are working around the clock and he's confident they will finding him. >> turn yourself in, because we will finding you. you have disgraced the police profession. >> reporter: the grammys are in los angeles tomorrow and there is some concern dorner may try to target officers during the event. security has been tightened as a result. >> kimberly, thanks very much.
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a pittsburg man is behind bars after allegedly holding a fast food worker hostage. pleasant hill police got the call about 5:30 this morning from a worker at a jack in the box. investigators say 41-year-old samuel guerrero came in brandishing a knife and tried to rob the police. they evacuated ads many people s they could but he took one employee hostage. >> we set up our perimeter and started to do our tactical process. less than an hour later on his own the suspect came outside of the restaurant and he was taken into custody. >> the pittsburg man is now facing charges of robbery, false imprisonment and kidnapping for ransom. no one was hurt in the incident. here's a live look oversan jose where the sky was sunny and clear today, but we are in for a chilly night. >> let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda who has the hour-by-hour forecast. rob. >> you can see the clear skies over san jose. interestingly enough, san jose one of the cooler spots today, even in the sunshine.
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we saw a high of only 57 degrees. but to the south, 62 around south san jose, south of highway 85. morgan hill 56 degrees. 58 in san francisco. right now we have clear skies, dry. north winds helping to try out overnight. watch the temperatures as quickly as midnight tonight we'll start to see some 30s heading into tomorrow morning, 7:00, you are seeing patchy frost in some of those wind-sheltered inland valleys where some spots could get close to 30 degrees. we'll let you know how many more of these chilly mornings are in store and how dry and warm the seven-day forecast is as we head into the new week. we'll have a look at that coming up in a few minutes. a woman on her bike was killed today near at&t park. police are still investigating just how it happened. witnesses say the woman and a cement truck were both headed in the same direction on king street at around 9:30 this morning when they somehow collided at the corner of third. it happened as thousands were gathering across the street at
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the ballpark for the giants fanfest. a police officer who witnessed the accident immediately began cpr on the victim. >> the driver realized something happened. he is cooperating with police. it is unknown if alcohol or drugs is playing a factor at this point. but it is under investigation and he is cooperating with police. >> the next day they had the woman at the hospital within 15 minutes but she died shortly after she arrived there. police say she's a san francisco rez dme resident in her mid-40s. texas governor rick perry is stepping up his campaigno steal businesses from california. he is visiting silicon valley during his four-day trip. he plans to tell people texas is better for business because there's no income tax and it's more lenient with labor and environmental laws. el earlier this week texas launched a radio ad aimed at businesses. tens of thousands of people mobbed at&t park today to be close to their heros.
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>> they came with waway with autographs and freebies. henry. >> reporter: very busy day out there. you know, the world series champs are prepared to defend their title. giants pitchers and catchers will report for spring training this tuesday, but before they get to business, the giants want to kick back with their fans. here's more on the giants fanfest. >> reporter: the old saying that winning never gets old was on display this afternoon. for the second time in three years, fans turned out in record numbers for the giants annual fanfest. >> we got here at about 7:00 last night. >> i stayed up all night. got here about 12:00 in the morning. >> reporter: shortly after 10:00 a.m., the wait was over. thousands of autograph seekers packed into at&t park and on nearly everyone's wish list, the reigning mvp. >> i saw game one. world series. can i have your autograph?
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your friend, miles. >> people slept here last night, 8:00 at night in the cold just to get here. how does that make you feel? >> that's awesome. i wouldn't expect anything less because that's what they gave us all year last year. that's why they are the best fans in baseball. >> did you guys plan this all out knowing you were going to get in the clubhouse? >> this is actually how we dress every day. >> one more game. i want to play with each and every one of you. you're the one, and you. let's go! let's go! >> reporter: all will be quiet on third and king for the next six weeks but the celebration will continue on april 4th, when the giants return for their home opener against the cardinals. at at&t park, i'm kim coyle for nbc bay area news. it's been a very busy day in
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sports. coming up a little later we'll hear from the sharks captain, joe thornton, after another tough loss at the tank and we'll take you out to pebble beach for the third round. pro am where we had a surprising finish by one of the best golfers in the world. and it was gorgeous out there. all right, thank you, henry. still to come, a first for nasa's curiosity rover. the sample it just took and what it could reveal about the red planet. plus -- >> he came in here and he dropped off some clothes and he left the lid open. >> yeah, and what happened next in this east bay laundry room earned a kitten a very unusual reward. plus we have a developing story in the northeast. the monster blizzard is still causing problems there. we'll show you the latest.
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there is just a little relief in the northeast tonight in the wake of that massive blizzard. >> the powerful storm left a mess in six states. massachusetts the hardest hit. more than 400,000 homes and businesses are in the dark and right now boston's logan airport remains closed. snow removal vehicles are working to clear runways and tarmacs. nbc bay area's jay gray joins us live from boston with the latest on this developing story. jay. >> reporter: good evening, terry, diane. we're coming to you from copley square tonight. the park here took on two feet of snow just about. still, it's been a meeting place throughout the day for those
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brave enough to get out and take on the elements after what was a brutal storm. finally across the northeast, early signs that concern may be starting to melt away, after a long, difficult deep freeze. >> me and my husband just walked a couple of blocks from our house. we live for this stuff. >> reporter: today as the storm passed, new englanders got their first look at what it left behind. >> it's just a lot of drifts. yeah, it's a lot of snow. >> reporter: in many areas, record accumulations. but now the seemingly endless snowfall. and rushing winds of a violent blizzard have been replaced by the roar of plows and the constant hum of a comeback. >> as the winds subside and as roads get cleared, restoration work will begin in earnest. >> reporter: for many the first
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step comes on snow shoes or cross country skis. others bundled up for a walk in the park. anything that gives them a sense their community is in fact theirs again. >> it's fun actually. and it's quiet. it's nice. >> reporter: nice that the snow has stopped. this nasa satellite photo shows the system moving off the coast. but back on the ground, there is a lot of work left behind. >> it's been a really, really stuff struggle. >> reporter: a struggle to restore power to hundreds of thousands, many still without heat. a struggle to free dozens of cars abandoned at the height of the storm. >> it's hard to plow. >> reporter: and a struggle to clear away and find someplace to put all of this sfnow. >> this is going to go on for a number of days. this will not all be done today. >> reporter: but at least there is now evidence the difficult cleanup and recovery has started. digging out is going to be tough. the roads are open again, but still very messy.
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and public transportation here won't be back online until sometime monday. live here in boston, i'm jay gray. now back to you, diane, terry. >> all right, jay, thanks very much. as for the bay area, all of the airports back to normal after dealing with dozens of cancelled flights yesterday because of the storm. there were no cancellations or major delays at sfo, oakland or san jose international airports today. now, that said, there are thousands of people whose flights were cancelled yesterday in the bay area who are still in the process of getting on flights this weekend. and meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the situation in the northeast as well as the spectacular weather around here, although it is going to get chilly tonight, at least by our standards. what's going on, rob? >> our temperatures tonight as cold as the high temperatures they'll see tomorrow around boston. we're talking highs in the low 30s. the big nor'easter, our massive blizzard that fell over most of the northeast, that is tracking out towards the north atlantic. but for us, clearing skies tonight setting the stage for a chilly night with some patchy
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frost heading into tomorrow morning. we'll have a look at your forecast coming right up.
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schools across the country took a good look at their security measures in the wake of the sandy hook elementary shooting. locally a san jose elementary school decided to add a door protector to every classroom. protectors are basically two strong metal brackets and a far that fits into the slots making it hard for anyone trying to come in to open that door. when administrators asked home depot to help with the cost, they donated both the materials and time. >> it was an easy decision to come out and help a local school when they asked. >> it gives a sense of security and we talked about how we hope we never have to use these bars
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but we like having them here because we know it's one more precaution that we have in case of an emergency. >> other schools across the bay area and the country have stepped up security measures in similar ways. boeing's dreamliner has taken flight for the first time since it was grounded three weeks ago, but the 787 was only flying for testing. boeing officials say they are collecting data on the lithium ion batteries during these test flights as batteries for the problematic part of the plane that caused a fire on a previous flight. 50 have been groumded after a series of battery-related problems. nasa's curiosity rover has drilled into mars and sent back this photo of the hole. it's two and a half inches deep. powder from the hole will be transferred into the onboard laboratory for analysis. scientists believe it may hold evidence of a long lost water on the planet. >> those pictures are so
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perfect, it's unbelievable. >> i finding it mind boggling we're up there doing that with a robot. all right, this is interesting. a pet insurance company gives out an award. each year for the most unusual claim. >> it's not a recognition to any pet owner would be proud to receive, but this year's top prize goes to a 6-month-old kitten in the oakland area. the siberian cat survived an entire cycle in the washer and walked away with only hypothermia. >> roommate was doing laundry, and he came in here and he dropped off some clothes and he left the lid open and shewander. he dropped off my clothes and didn't notice that she jumped in there. >> the insurance company uses the ham bones award. >> poor little cat. we're going check in with meteorologist rob mayeda on the
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weather. and it was just beautiful and it's going to get even warmer. >> yeah. you know, this is typically probably one of the wetter and snowier times of year for northern california, but the seven-day forecast does bring a chance of seeing some 70s coming our way a little later on. right now 40s and 50s outside, mostly clear skies. no fog, no high clouds and that's part of the issue tonight. it's like sleeping without a blanket for most of the bay area as this chilly dry air has settled in. winds are still out there. if you've got winds overnight that should keep your temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s, but the wind-protected, wind-sheltered valleys, we're talking low 30s tomorrow morning. so a chilly start but a nice finish to the weekend. we could see more low 60s tomorrow. yes, the seven-day forecast, unfortunately it looks quite dry. we could use more rain and snow in the sierra, but on the flip side the weather will be gorgeous for any of your outdoor plans. doppler radar looking dry. it will stay that way for a while as high pressure is
6:18 pm
building in. because we're on the east side of that high pressure, kind of seeing these north winds or the clockwise flow spilling in some dry air from the north but this high is also setting up a blocking pattern out here in the west. you can see the storm track going up towards alaska, with this high settled off to our west. it's like a leaf blower in the upper atmosphere, no storms can form underneath this thing. it's going to move toward the coast. that's going to lead to warmer temperatures. daytime highs climbing, especially wednesday, thursday and friday. we should at least see some mid-60s inland locations around morgan hill and out towards livermore close to 70 for the second half of the week. so hour by hour you can see here this is a futurecast. we should see rain, we should see clouds, but there's really nothing out there. just some patches of low clouds at times near the coast but with the winds out of the north even the coast should be mainly clear heading through the day tomorrow. tomorrow's highs probably add 2 to 3 degrees for your high
6:19 pm
temperatures, so closer to 60 tomorrow around downtown san jose. should see low 60s around the tri-valley and 62 in fairfield. north bay with some north winds should see low 60s around santa rosa. still closer to the upper 50s in san francisco, but the trend is warming up heading towards the middle part of the week. there you see it, the seven-day forecast for staying dry. nicest days outdoors wednesday, thursday and friday. even the coast should see some 60s, so it's going to be nice weather second half of the week heading into next weekend. a few extra clouds, some cooling. but still looks really dry. so it's really good we had all that rain and snow in december because at this pointing starting to slip behind with the seven-day forecast looking that way. >> thank you, rob. plus we've got presidents' day coming up and ski resorts and everything else. >> valentine's day too. it looks great. for worries about any rain. just ahead, a golden opportunity for 49er fans. how you can leave your mark on the team's new stadium. diane says she's going to do it. find out about it next. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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lmp all right. now is your time to be part of the 49ers new stadium in santa clara and it's cheaper than buying tickets. >> the 49ers will start selling commemorative bricks that will be installed throughout the stadium. the stadium is opening in the fall of next year, folks. fans can ni inscribe their name. the price $175 to $375 depending on the length. message. the bricks are expected to go on sale march 1st and the money raised will go towards funding the construction of that $1 billion stadium. speaking of the niners and sports, time to check in with henry wofford of comcast sportsnet. henry, are you going to get one of those little bricks for the family? >> reporter: i wish i could sum up something with one sentence or one word. it would never happen, believe me. i would owe them a million dollars by the time i was done speaking. anyway, hopefully i can get my
6:23 pm
point across in the sports segment coming up. it was a beautiful day at pebble beach. however, one of the best golfers in the world ended the third round on an ugly note. find out who was falling and just couldn't get up.
6:24 pm
welcome back to nbc bay area. here are two words fans love to hear, free autographs.
6:25 pm
it was enough to attract 40,000 fans to giants fanfest today. great time out at the park. 30 players attended the event, including buster posey, pablo sandoval and tim lincecum. and the giants championship trophy was at at&t park as well. the early birds got in first, which made it a long day, but it was well worth it. >> hanging out waiting at the fronting. going to sprint up the stairs and try to get as many autographs as i can. brought the bat out. get as many signatures as i can get. put this in the trophy case. >> i'm here at the front gates ready to go this year hopefully to see some -- i'm looking toward to seeing lincecum and buster, anybody. i'm just happy to be here. >> it's really exciting to be here and just the energy, it feels like it's spring training. it's around the corner, so it's exciting. over to the third round at at&t pebble beach pro am.
6:26 pm
phil mickelson was putting together a nice round until the 18th. you see him slip on the rock looking for his ball. then after his drop, take a look at this swing. he puts it on the beach again. when it rains it pours. triple bogey on the 18th. he finished at 1 under, 11 strokes off the lead. your co-leader is this man, brandt snedeker. here he is with a nice tee shot on 17. he would par the hole. snedeker shares the lead with cal alum james hahn at 12 under par. let's chill on some ice for a second. coyotes and sharks. straight to the third period, a great pass to justin braun. great save by mike smith. not to be outdone, he's fighting to protect and he was okay. take another look at it, though. close is not good enough. on to the shootout we go. mchail, nice goal, top sheclf.
6:27 pm
then backhands it against nemi as well. >> we feel real comfortable playing these kind of games. i thought we carried the play for most of the night, definitely the second part of the night. it's unfortunate we lost in the shootout but we can bring a lot of things on this road trip and great game by nemo but we can build off a game like this. the san jose sharks are not the only team struggling. the golden state warriors are trying to avoid their fourth consecutive loss. right now they're in dallas losing 54-27. i mean this game is very ugly. back to diane and terry. this is getting out of control. >> henry, they can totally come back from that. i mean really. >> they just got in foul trouble early. don't worry about that. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00.
6:28 pm
we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> until then, good night. welcome to "class action." i'm jessica aguirre. we've recorded almost 100 episodes so we want to show you the best moments of the past year. lots of notable people in education visited the set. a lot of them have strong opinions, sometimes very controversial ones, about the state of our schools. the new superintendent of san francisco took the helm at a unique time this year. governor brown said that he would be forced to implement deep budget cuts if voters didn't pass new taxes for schools. and it was a very real threat to districts that are already reeling from steep funding losses. >> the depth of the crisis if the tax initiative, jerry brown's tax initiative don't pass in november? >> catastrophic. doom's day.
6:29 pm
defcon five. it's not even close. we're struggling as it is to stay afloat. we are so thankful to the voters of san francisco that have approved parcel taxes and initiatives to help us keep music and libraries and sports in our schools, but even with that support that we have from our community, without the life blood of a public school system, which is the funding you receive from the state, people are going to notice a difference in the educational quality. i mean it's -- i can't overstate it, that it's -- we are very precarious in terms of public education. not only in san francisco, but in the entire state of california. >> now, the battle at the ballot box between those two competing tax measures for schools took on epic proportions this year. molly munger, a wealthy civil rights attorney, spent nearly $44 million of her own money to take on prop 30. that's governor brown's proposal for schools. >> because 30 is going to keep our schools at the bottom

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